Making a Difference…One Bag at a Time

As you decide if you are going to donate this year, we ask that you think of those parents who are sitting bedside with their baby and praying for a miracle.  Think of those parents who have just gotten yet another piece of bad news from the doctor.  Think of those parents who are hanging on by a very thin thread and a strong cup of coffee.

Think of all of these things and know you CAN help these people.  You can make a difference.  You can be the light that someone has so desperately been praying for.  BE that difference in the life of somebody else.  All you have to do is donate. 

We thank you in advance for your help, for your support, and for making that difference. The emotion behind that “thank you” is greater than you could ever realize… 


Items to be donated:

  • $10 gas station gift cards
  • $10 gift cards to any of the following: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, Subway, McDonalds, etc. (quick places to grab coffee or a bite to eat)
  • packages of crackers, granola bars, cookies, etc.
  • bags of Hershey Kisses (any kind…can’t have a Kisses from Heaven project without the kisses!)
  • boxes of candy (movie theater sized…they usually sell them in $1.00 bins at Wal-Mart or places like that)
  • candy canes (They should be the red and white kind only,  regular sized, not minis, as we are attaching a poem to them)
  • decorative journals for parents to write down their baby’s progress, questions for the doctors, etc.
  • preemie-sized sleepers (while outfits are cute, sleepers are much more practical)
  • copies of You Are My Miracle by MaryAnn Cosimano in a board book size (they are about $6 a piece).  This book is perfect for a NICU family!
  • monetary donations (cash, or checks payable to either Jill MacGregor or Stacie Lindeman—in the memo put Kisses from Heaven)

ALL donations should be in no later than December 12th.  If you need an address, please send us a message via our Facebook page. 

Donate through paypal